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SSD Broadband expands internet access for Grand Bahamians

January 16, 2002
Author: Charles Huggins,

SSD Broadband is the newest Internet Service Provider on Grand Bahama. President Thomas Miller, a Nassau native and his wife Stefanie Miller have been working tirelessly to launch this new service in 2002.

"SSD is on the cutting edge of technology and we are dedicated to improving and expanding our products and services as we grow. Our presence will definitely be felt here in Grand Bahama," says Mr. Miller. With the latest in Internet technology, SSD Broadband will offer Bahamians a first-rate product comparable with any Internet Service Provider in the world.

SSD, which is located in the Seventeen Centre, will provide two distinct services for customers wishing to improve or start their Internet connection. Their Wireless DSL service, available at the end of this month, provides you with an instant T1 (1.544Mbps) connection. This package is an exclusive connection providing customers with their own dedicated link that is not shared by multiple users, which means no slow downs during high peak hours.

By accessing multiple Network Access Platforms, SSD Broadband ensures a 99.9% uptime. Wireless DSL does not tie up your phone line or requires a second phone line. You get unlimited Internet access for one low monthly fee, so you can shop, chat or just surf the web as long as you want.

"We are working now to have our Wireless service ready for our customers as soon as possible. This is especially important for International Companies that operate from a Grand Bahama base, as global business these days is done via the internet, which must be fast and, most importantly, reliable," Mr. Miller stated.

The Millers decided that current growth in Grand Bahama made it the perfect island in which to launch their Internet Service. "The Port Authority and it's partners are constantly bringing in larger international companies and investors who need efficient services, and services that keep pace with other Global Networks around the world. Grand Bahama must have the infrastructure to support these International companies, and we at SSD will be able to provide this data communication link."

SSD Broadband is offering its customers various packages which it considers competitive. Packages such as the Economy Dial Up package as well as its Unlimited Access package. A unique feature for all Dial-up users to increase the speed of their Internet connection, is also being offered for a fee. SSD technicians will come to your home or office and upgrade your present dial up connection which, according to the company, can dramatically increase the speed of your connection.

SSD Broadband has coupled fibre optic cable with the latest Cisco technology to ensure that customers will receive reliable service from their trained staff, support personnel, technicians and engineers; in addition to providing customers with the affordable internet service they deserve.

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