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Re-launch of the official website of The Office of The Prime Minister (OPM), Bahamas

January 3, 2002
Author: Digital Isle Communications

NASSAU, BAHAMAS, January 3rd, 2002 ­ Digital Isle Communications, a leading interactive communications and design firm, is pleased to announce the re-launch of the official website of The Office of The Prime Minister (OPM),Bahamas. The site, located at, was originally launched in July 2001 to coincide with the Prime Ministerıs 2001-2002 Budget Address. The new site, is totally standards compliant and is now powered by [core], Digital Isleıs leading edge dynamic content management system.

[core] is a purpose built web solution that separates site content and logic from presentation and gives absolute control of the site to the staff of OPM. The OPMıs web site is the first in a series of client sites to be powered by [core]. The solution will also be used in the Ministry of Tourismıs Bahamas Tourism Information Network (BTIN)ı, a content rich resource for tourism industry professionals. BTIN, scheduled for a February 2002 launch, will contain approximately 7,000 pages of information including industry guides, research reports, statistical data, business advisory documents, articles, images and press releases. Content for the site will be managed by over thirty (30) Ministry resources, based locally and abroad.

[core] also powers the Bahama Out Islands Promotion Board member extranet ( which is currently being tested by the Boardıs 70+ members. It will also provide the engine for the Boardıs new site, set for launch this month.

With [core], clients are able to maintain all aspects of their sites at the source including:

* immediate updating of all areas of the site
* ability to change the name/descriptions of menu/navigational items
* ability to add new content areas without the involvement of site developer
* the ability to dynamically track site traffic down to each specific content item (e.g. number of times a particular speech was read)
* the ability to dynamically generate Adobe PDF files online, thereby allowing both online and downloadable versions of documents
* secure remote content authoring, allowing even novice users to input and edit site content
* three-tiered security system for content control and management, with e-notifications to site content manager
* comprehensive logging system to track both visitor statistics and content management history
* integrated discussion board
* ability to operate as an open website, a closed intranet and a restricted extranet

For more information about [core] or to receive our free whitepaper send e-mail to

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