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Maxil Communications Opens Internet Data Centre in Nassau, Bahamas

June 21, 2001
Author: Maxil Communications

Maxil Communications, a provider of Internet co-location services, today launched its first Internet Data Centre in the Bahamas. This new data centre offers world-class co-location facilities and high-speed bandwidth to e-businesses.

"We have the infrastructure in place to support high-speed data communications in a cost-effective way," said Michael Atkin, Vice President of Maxil Communications. "This provides, for the first time, a way for business to operate globally in an offshore environment."

The Internet Data Centre was built in Nassau to provide an initial foray into the world of data co-location services by Maxil Communications. As space in the Nassau centre sells out, work will begin on a second, larger facility in Freeport, Bahamas. With these two centers in place, Maxil will be able to offer its clients over 25,000 square feet of co-location space.

Maxil's Bahamas Data Centres are built with the high performance, security and reliability expected of an international Internet Data Centre. Through its partnership with Caribbean Crossings and Cable Bahamas, data centre clients have access to the new $25 million Bahamas undersea fibre optic cable. This non-repeatered fibre connects the Bahamas to South Florida, and allows Maxil to offer scalability options at attractive price points.

"There has been an explosion of interest from businesses who want to operate globally from the Bahamas" Mr. Atkin says, "With the type of physical, business and workforce infrastructure we have here, there's no reason that the Bahamas cannot become a world-leading centre of offshore high-tech services."

About Maxil Communications
Maxil Communications is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cable Bahamas Ltd., owned by more than 3,300 Bahamian shareholders with a market capitalization worth $200 million. Maxil is projected to invest over $15 million by end of 2002 in building data centre co-location space for local and offshore e-business.

About the Bahamas
The Bahamas is a chain of islands situated 150 miles off the coast of Florida. With the oldest parliamentary government in the Western hemisphere, the Bahamas provides a stable political, legal and economic environment in which business can operate. A favourable tax and legal structure, combines with high-speed, reliable communications makes the Bahamas the premier location for offshore e-business to conduct operations.

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