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Bahamas Well Positioned for E-Commerce Initiatives

May 22, 2001
Author: Bahamas Financial Services Board

Emagine (Bahamas) Ltd. brought its purpose-built Data Center online a few months ago, and currently houses 400 servers. The company has a partnership with HostPro, a US-based hosting company, enabling it to co-locate and host sites at data centers in Boca Raton, Seattle, Boise and Los Angeles.

Andre Pike, Emagine's Technical Director, said "With unrivalled speeds through two fibre backbone connections to the Internet, and multiple satellite connections, the access speeds are unbelievable". The company has implemented an advanced access control system, indicating that security was one of the most important issues in its planning process.

Currently, Emagine is undertaking an assessment of demand to determine the need for expansion to larger facilities. The Data Center is located in downtown Nassau at the present time.

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