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Bahamas Website Offers Forum On Tax Havens' Blacklisting

December 21, 2000
Author: Mandy Robinson,, an online business to business resource centre, has launched an additional website offering information on the multilateral organisations, and their recent reports which have blacklisted offshore financial centres around the world over issues of money laundering and unfair tax competition.

The website is source of general information on the multilaterals including the OECD, FATF and G7, and includes links to their websites and as well as supplying a forum for news articles and letters from the general public. Launched over a month ago, the website has built up its information base and considers itself to be unbiased in that it is simply a platform for others to have their say and post there what they consider to be relevant information. says its aim is to provide Bahamians and other interested persons with access to as large a database of information as possible and from as many different sources as possible. Lisa Wells president of stated:
'Bahamians should be aware of all the facts and the differing points of view. This situation will tremendously affect the Bahamian public and people should not just rely on what they hear, but should make up their own minds as to where they stand on the issue. They should at least be fully informed.'

The website can be found at

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