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Bahamas Launches B2B Online Resource Center

October 26, 2000
Author: Mandy Robinson,, an online business to business resource centre, has been officially launched and the company's first four weeks of operations have proved immensely successful, with the website introducing further services for e-commerce businesses.

BahamasB2B has forged close links with 14 international trade exchanges, offering businesses that wish to enter the e-commerce industry the opportunity to become part of a comprehensive network of companies such as those they could do business with, get advice from or use as consultants. Lisa Wells, president of, explained: 'We have marketing affiliations all over the world and we are receiving hundreds of hits per week from qualified
business buyers.'

Through, firms can can increase their profile which allows them to cement existing business relationships as well as forging new links with other companies and clients.

A new feature announced this week by is the BahamasShop Marketplace which aims to provide e-commerce solutions for both large and small companies. It will assist businesses in the Bahmas in buying and selling products and services over the Internet. says it has established an environment in which firms can securely enter into business transactions over the Internet as well as receiving advice and support. 'What we are offering here,' said Ms Wells, 'is a virtual marketplace which brings buyers and sellers together online. By providing the required technical knowledge and infrastructure we can offer a lower-cost, lower risk entry into electronic commerce than individual businesses can achieve on their own. Our goal is to promote e-commerce locally and internationally.'

Anyone representing a business in the Bahamas that is looking for a way to get started in e-business can contact the company at

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