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The Bahamas boasts world-class infrastructure services including: redundant high-speed fiber optic links, leased line services, wireless (WLAN) connections, local and international PSTN and IDD service, Internet broadband (cable modem and DSL) and commercial data center hosting and disaster recover services.

Bahamas General Communications

BGC has created a wireless infrastructure within the Bahamas, operating at much faster speeds than conventional dial-up services. BGC has designed a scalable deployment model that spans the appropriate performance levels and flexibility from individual consumers to large businesses. BGC integrates state-of-the-art technology and services, offering customers high-speed connectivity via their high-speed wireless network. BGC's goal is to create a single wireless network service that allows computers to be connected wherever and whenever throughout the Caribbean Islands.


The Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BaTelCo) provides a range of telecommunications services throughout the Bahamas.

BaTelCo can offer sophisticated services that global businesses need. BaTelCo recently built a fiber-optic connection between Bahamas and the rest of the world, making reliable and effective global communications a reality.

BaTelCo provides the tools that businesses need to grow and build better relationships with their customers including: direct inward dialling to individual extensions, call balancing between extensions, voice mail systems, broadband Internet connectivity, and sophisticated fax solutions.

Caribbean Crossings

Caribbean Crossings is an International Telecommunications company which owns and operates a sub-sea fiber optic network that links the Four Major Islands of The Bahamas to the Continental United States. Through this fiber network and the fiber terrestrial local network of its Parent, Cable Bahamas Ltd, Caribbean Crossings can provide 100% all optical connectivity solutions in the Bahamas.

New World Network

New World Network is a telecommunications carrier's carrier with approximately 86% ownership in ARCOS, a state-of-the-art submarine broadband fiber optic network, soon to connect the U.S. to Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. ARCOS has landed in 15 jurisdictions in the region. New World's co-owners in ARCOS include approximately 30 carriers throughout the region including GTE, MCI Worldcom, AT&T and Cable & Wireless as well as Avantel, Cantv and Codetel. This unique ownership structure combines the advantages of an independently owned company and the benefits of strategic partnerships with local carriers that provide landing rights, backhaul and interconnection to local networks. The entire ARCOS ring is complete and in commercial service.

Systems Resource Group

SRG is the Bahamas' sole provider of turnkey, project managed solutions that encompass business equipment, software applications, systems and network integration, consulting services, electronic commerce and wide area communications. SRG's professional services group is the alliance partner of KPMG Consulting in the Bahamas, and the Freeport offices have been co-located on the first floor of the International Building in KPMG's existing office space.

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